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St. Thomas Wellbeing Collective

A Women's circle in the St. Thomas and surrounding area

The St. Thomas Wellbeing Collective is for women who want to connect, heal, grow and are looking for support in their lives. This will be a safe space to discuss challenges and express yourself, while getting supported by like minded women in the St. Thomas area. The focus of this group will be to work on healing and wellbeing practices.

The last couple of years has been challenging for many people's health and wellbeing, and more and more people have been feeling isolated and alone. What I have realized, is the need for likeminded women to have a safe space to talk about their challenges, being able to support one another, help women tune into their intuition, heal, grow and foster new friendships.

Dr. Michelle Myszko

Dr. Michelle Myszko ND

Naturopathic Doctor,
Intuitive Healer & Coach

My focus in helping people heal is truly special, in I look at all aspects of health. I look at symptoms to see what the deeper meaning is for each person I work with. And I am able to quickly understand what message the body is trying to tell you from physical symptoms, to emotional states or spiritual states. I help people heal deeply, become empowered and take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. If you are ready to do the deeper healing work, with the support of a group, then I would love for you to join our community.

Dr. Michelle

In Person Meetings for St. Thomas Wellbeing Collective:


Currently, Dr. Michelle is enjoying the live and in person St. Thomas Wellbeing Collective meetings. Currently, she is offering once a month in person meetings. If you are interested in attending a meeting, you must register for each meeting.

  • Monthly in person meet up in the St. Thomas or local area

  • Content will vary depending on the groups needs

  • Each meeting will vary and could include talking, we may do a meditation or group energetic healing

  • Group discussions on topics of interest

  • Discussions topics will vary from meeting to meeting

  • No commitment required

  • $25 (including HST) energy exchange

  • Space is limited, register early

I look forward to you joining the next meeting.

Dr. Michelle

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St. Thomas Wellbeing Collective

Register for the
St. Thomas Wellbeing Collective Meeting

Join today, space is limited!

The available virtual meetings are:

March 20 at 3pm - Register Here

April 10th at 7pm - Registration soon


If you are interested in the St. Thomas Wellbeing Collective, but have questions. Send us a short email to get more details.

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