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Adults (19-64 years old)

Naturopathic care for adults

As a naturopathic doctor and the mother of 2 children it can be difficult to maintain a healthy balance between work and home life. Running a business can be very stressful and demanding, and it requires many different talents including marketing, accounting, answering phone calls and emails, social media, writing articles, health research and being a doctor.  And those of you with children will completely understand, that trying to accomplish simple tasks, like cleaning the house or going grocery shopping, can be next to impossible.  But in order for me to maintain my health and wellbeing I make it a priority to maintain a balance between work responsibilities, family responsibilities, exercise and spending time with family and friends.


As an adult, life can be stressful, whether you are getting an education, working full time, buying your first home, getting married, raising children or caring for an elderly family members.  If stress is left unattended for long periods of time, eventually your body can develop serious health conditions including obesity, insomnia, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and many other serious conditions. The best time to address stress and other symptoms is before they develop into major health concerns.  Naturopathic medicine can benefit a wide variety of health conditions using nutrition, lifestyle modifications, exercise, botanical medicines, drainage, homeopathics and acupuncture.  


Conditions for Adults:

  • Stress

  • Sleep issues: insomnia, frequent waking & unrestful sleep

  • Low energy & fatigue 

  • Mood: depression, anxiety & mood swings

  • Digestive disorders: constipation, diarrhea, heart burn (GERD), gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome

  • Food sensitivities

  • Allergies, hay-fever, sinusitis

  • Asthma & lung conditions

  • Migraines or headaches

  • Chronic conditions: arthritis, osteoporosis & more

  • Hormonal: Menstrual issues, thyroid issues & diabetes

  • Weak immune system, frequent colds & flus

  • Heart disease, high blood pressure & high cholesterol

  • Skin conditions

Women's Health

Naturopathic care for women's health & hormones

Although women are considered adults and most of the above conditions apply, women are also very unique in the complex hormonal changes that occur naturally, throughout the lifespan.  It is amazing to watch how the female body is capable of transitioning from beginning menstruation, to pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and finally to menopause.  But in some instances the hormones become unbalanced and result in a wide variety of symptoms and female conditions.  Naturopathic medicine can restore balance to hormones through modifying nutrition, lifestyle, acupuncture, botanical medicines and more.

Women's Health Concerns:

  • Menstruation issues: PMS, heavy periods, painful periods or irregular periods

  • Menopause: hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, memory changes, irregular periods

  • Low energy & fatigue 

  • Mood: depression, anxiety & mood swings

  • Migraines or headaches

  • Thyroid issues 

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome & MS


Naturopathic pregnancy & post partum support
Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life that it is often surrounded with many mixed emotions from happiness and excitement and sometimes fear and anxiety.  The internet is an important resource for pregnancy, but can also make things more difficult because of the wide range of opinions.  


Being the mother of a toddler and having recently been pregnant, I did a lot of research into prenatal care, labour support and post natal care.  As a naturopathic doctor I am able to support and educate new parents on what is best for the baby from pre-conception and prenatal nutrition, supplements, exercise, labour decisions, breastfeeding, preparing the home and answer any questions.  So whether you are suffering from nausea, fatigue and memory loss or just want to cry, I am able to provide non-judgemental support, and some simple things to help get you through the biggest change of your life.  Naturopathic medicine supports many of the concerns of pregnancy by modifying diet and lifestyle, acupuncture, homeopathic medicines, or botanical medicines.


Pregnancy Related Concerns:

  • Fertility & pre-conception

  • Pregnancy:

    • pre-natal care: low energy, memory loss, nausea, eating for a healthy pregnancy, weight gain and proper vitamin supplementations for a healthy baby

    • Natural labour induction or flipping a breached baby

    • Post-natal care: low energy, breast feeding issues, perineal healing, hemorrhoids, stress & anxiety, and postpartum depression
  • Low energy & fatigue 

  • Mood: depression, anxiety & mood swings

  • Migraines or headaches

  • Urinary tract infections

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