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Bioenergetics is a unique, non- invasive modality that can help to identify and eliminate stressors from the body, allowing the body to return to homeostasis or balance.

During period of stress, physical or mental, the body becomes susceptible to discordant frequencies and can develop intolerances to normal everyday substances resulting in homeostasis imbalance and the development of symptoms and illnesses.

Bioenergetics uses applied kinesiology as a non-invasive way to assess and identify intolerances to various substances. Once these intolerances are identified, then the substances are reintroduced back to the body using various acupuncture points on the body, allowing the body to heal itself and return to homeostasis.

Generally, it requires only 1 to 4 visits to maintain homeostasis and in most cases, homeostasis can be achieved after the first visit.


In order for the body to achieve homeostasis, the client may require a second, third or, rarely even a fourth visit, dependent upon:
• The stress level of the client
• The amount of bodily toxins
• The strength of the person's immune system
• The client's level of hydration

However, several visits may be required to help the body to achieve homeostasis with those who are affected by multiple stressors. Once homeostasis is achieved, there is usually no need for subsequent or yearly visits for the same substance.


Benefits of Bioenergetics:

  • Only 1-4 visits to return to homeostasis or balance

  • Improvement after the first visit

  • No annual visits required for the same substance

  • No direct contact with substances

  • No use of needles

  • Safe and Effective for people of all ages including infants, children & elderly

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