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Healing Grief Masterclass

A Webinar on How to release grief from losing a loved one.


Presented by
Dr. Michelle Myszko ND

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Grief Doesn't Have to Last Forever

I have worked with so many people who have lost loved ones, whether it was your parent, partner, friend, sibling or child. People often really struggle with grief, having it frozen into their body for month to years. Most people feel unable to let go of the sadness, and often become stuck in acute grief for months or years. Being triggered and could cry at the drop of a hat or something that reminds them of their loved one. I have helped many people process their grief in a healthy way, releasing the pain, remembering the love and their soul connections and understanding the journey that their loved ones have already gone on. Giving yourself permission to let go of grief is the first step, and then next step is to register for this intensive meditative and healing journey. 

In this webinar we will cover

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